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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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Willem van Mieris
Man with Pipe

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Willem van Mieris Man with Pipe
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Willem van Mieris Man with Pipe

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Willem van Mieris

(3 June 1662, Leiden - 26 January 1747, Leiden) was a Dutch painter. He was a son of Frans van Mieris sr. and brother of Jan van Mieris. His works are extremely numerous, being partly imitations of the paternal subjects, or mythological episodes, which Frans habitually avoided. In no case did he come near the excellence of his sire. van Mieris has works in the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as Cheltenham and Derby Museum and Art Gallery   Related Paintings of Willem van Mieris :. | self portrait with Her Daughter | Shepherdess sitting under the shadow | The fall of an Avalanche in the Grisons (mk31) | Cornucopia | Noli Me Tangere |
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