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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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Vincenzo Catena
The Supper at Emmaus

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Vincenzo Catena The Supper at Emmaus
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Vincenzo Catena The Supper at Emmaus

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Vincenzo Catena

Italian c1480-1531 Vincenzo Catena Location Italian painter. His paintings represent the perpetuation of the style of Giovanni Bellini into the second quarter of the 16th century. He made few concessions to the modern style that was being introduced to Venice by Titian, Palma Vecchio, Pordenone and others in the same period. This archaicizing tendency was shared by several minor Bellinesque painters of the period, including Pietro degli Ingannati, Pietro Duia, Francesco Bissolo, Vittore Belliniano and the Master of the Incredulity of St Thomas. Catena, together with Marco Basaiti, with whose works Catena are sometimes confused, can be considered the most accomplished of these. Despite the fact that he counted several humanists in his circle, the extant repertory of his subjects is limited to religious themes, mainly Marian and including three altarpieces, and to male portraits. The latter, as Vasari observed, include several of his finest works.  Related Paintings of Vincenzo Catena :. | A Warrior adoring the Infant Christ and the Virgin | The Supper at Emmaus | Portrait of humanist Gian Giorgio Trissino | Giangiorgio Trissino (mk05) | Portrait of a Young Man |
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