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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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Leopold Carl Muller
The Almeh Admirers

ID: 61977

Leopold Carl Muller The Almeh Admirers
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Leopold Carl Muller The Almeh Admirers

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Leopold Carl Muller

Austrian born 1834 - died 1892  Related Paintings of Leopold Carl Muller :. | The portrait of Isabella | a converted british family sheltering a christian priest from the persecution of the druids | Grape | In Traumen versunken | Soul Love |
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1840-1920 Danish painter, sculptor and draughtsman. He studied at the Kongelige Akademi for de Skenne Kunster, Copenhagen, in 1862-3 and 1865-9, and in Paris under Leon Bonnat in 1875-6. He was an important figure in the development and renewal of Danish naturalism, linking the Danish Golden Age tradition with new French ideas. Conscious of the importance of plein-air painting, he was first a great admirer of the Barbizon school; later he was influenced by the Impressionists, becoming the only truly Danish Impressionist. Frequent visits abroad helped him develop his outlook; he eagerly studied the Old Masters, and the strong light of the south
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