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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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Francois Desportes
Self-Portrait as a Huntsman

ID: 32297

Francois Desportes Self-Portrait as a Huntsman
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Francois Desportes Self-Portrait as a Huntsman

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Francois Desportes

1661-1743 Francois Desportes Locations French painter. He is best known for his hunting scenes and paintings of animals. Desportes, who began as a portrait painter, was among the first to paint landscapes from nature; for that practice he was held to be eccentric. His works are in the tradition of careful realism of Flemish still-life paintings. The Louvre and the Wallace Collection, London, have examples of his work.   Related Paintings of Francois Desportes :. | Study of a Park,Surrounded by Walls | Dog Guarding Game near a Rosebush | Self Portrait in Hunting Dress | Portrait of the Artist in Hunting Dress | silverterrin med persikor |
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