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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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Francis Nicholson
Gordale,Yorkshire (mk47)

ID: 26071

Francis Nicholson Gordale,Yorkshire (mk47)
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Francis Nicholson Gordale,Yorkshire (mk47)

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Francis Nicholson

English Painter, 1753-1844 English painter. After studying with a local artist in Scarborough, Nicholson began his career in his native Pickering, producing sporting pictures and portraits for Yorkshire patrons. In the mid-1780s a sideline in portraits of country houses led him to concentrate on landscapes in watercolour. From 1789 he contributed views of Yorkshire and Scotland to exhibitions at the Royal Academy. He also supplied topographical views for the Copper Plate Magazine. Although his market increasingly became London-based, Nicholson continued to live in Yorkshire (at Whitby, Knaresborough and Ripon), only moving to London c. 1803.  Related Paintings of Francis Nicholson :. | Cherry tree in bloom | The Course of Empire: The Consummation of Empire (mk13) | A Ride for Liberty-The Fugitive Slaves | View of Toledo | The Kalila and Dimna animal fables |
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