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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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CHARONTON, Enguerrand
The Coronation of Mary jkh

ID: 06009

CHARONTON, Enguerrand The Coronation of Mary jkh
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CHARONTON, Enguerrand The Coronation of Mary jkh

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CHARONTON, Enguerrand

French Northern Renaissance Painter, ca.1420-1466  Related Paintings of CHARONTON, Enguerrand :. | Battle between Christians and Moslems | The Four Evangelists | Antoine Watteau | Portrait of Natalia Romanov | Depiction of a soul being carried to heaven by two angels. |
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Charles Claude Dauphin or Dofin, called in Italian Delfino, a French painter of historical subjects and portraits, was the son of Olivier Dauphin. He went to Turin about the year 1664, and worked there for the Prince of Carignano. He was also employed for the churches, but his works are in no great estimation, abounding as they do with the most ridiculous absurdities. In the church of San Carlo is an altar-piece by him, described by Lanzi as a most ludicrous composition. He died in 1677.
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August Andreas Jerndorff (25 January 1846 - 28 July 1906) was a Danish painter who is best known for his portraits.

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