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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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68988 gamle hus askevold gamle hus 1857 26.5x36.5cm se
74029 Landskap med innsjo askevold Landskap med innsjo Landskap med innsjø. 1853. Oilpainting on paper. cjr
75518 Landskap med innsjo askevold Landskap med innsjo Title: Landskap med innsjø. Year: 1853. cyf
75277 Skogsstudie fra Eide askevold Skogsstudie fra Eide Year: 1868. Oilpainting on paper. cyf

Anders Monsen Askevold was born in Askvoll, Norway in 1834. His early training started at the age of thirteen in Bergen under Hans Leganger Reuch. He trained in Dusseldorf under Professor Hans Gude from 1855 until 1859. and he is known as a member of the Dusseldorf school with others like Adelsteen Normann. From 1861 to 1866 he was in Paris. After this he moved back to Dusseldorf where he would spend his winters in Germany and his summers in Norway. Askevold did some commissions for churches in Norway. He died in 1900 in Dusseldorf.
Sandro Botticelli
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