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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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79135 and August Wenderoth Nahl, Charles Christian and August Wenderoth were refugees of the troubles in Germany of 1848. Like thousands before them they came to California to seek fortune. They established themselves as entrepreneurs, setting up a studio and painting the first wave of miners. The painting is entitled 'Miners in the Sierras', 1851-52, oil on canvas. Date 1851/1852 cyf
79820 and August Wenderoth Nahl, Charles Christian and August Wenderoth Date 1851/1852 Source Own photograph of painting in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC Author photograph Ad Meskens; painting: cyf
19595 Fire in San Francisco Bay Nahl, Charles Christian Fire in San Francisco Bay 1856 Oil on canvas Private collection.
79549 Little Miss San Francisco Nahl, Charles Christian Little Miss San Francisco 1853(1853) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
45250 Sonntagmorgen bei den Minen Nahl, Charles Christian Sonntagmorgen bei den Minen mk181 1870 Sacramento
31982 Sunday Morning in the Mines Nahl, Charles Christian Sunday Morning in the Mines mk77 1872 Oil on canvas 72x108in

Nahl, Charles Christian
German-born American Painter, 1818-1878 later known as Charles Nahl, Karl Nahl, Charles Christian Nahl or Charles C. Nahl, was a German-born painter who is called California's first significant artist.He came from a long line of artists and sculptors and was trained at the Cassel Academy. Unease over the political state of Hesse led him and his friend Frederick August Wenderoth (1819-1884) to Paris in 1846, where "Charles" enjoyed some success at the salon. The February Revolution prompted another move with his half-brother Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl (1833-1889) to Brooklyn, New York, where they heard of the gold strike. They had no luck along the Yuba River but opened a studio with Wenderoth in Sacramento
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