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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
22802 A Hermit Leading Horses to the Trough (mk22) Moritz von Schwind A Hermit Leading Horses to the Trough (mk22) c 1845 Oil on wood panel,46.7 x 38.5 cm Munich,Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlungen,Schack-Galerie
43999 A Player with a Hermit Moritz von Schwind A Player with a Hermit c. 1846 Oil on cardboard, 61 x 46 cn
43874 A Symphony Moritz von Schwind A Symphony 1852 Oil on canvas, 169 x 100 cm
44006 Early Morning Moritz von Schwind Early Morning 1858 Oil on canvas, 34 x 40 cm
33910 Fairy Dance in the Alder Grove Moritz von Schwind Fairy Dance in the Alder Grove mk87 c.1844 Oil on panel 62.8x84cm Frankfurt am Main,Stadelsches Kunstinstitut
21410 Fairy Dance in the Alder Grove (mk09) Moritz von Schwind Fairy Dance in the Alder Grove (mk09) c 1844 Oil on panel,62.8 x 84 cm Frankfurt am Main,Stadelsches Kunstinstitut
22801 Fairy Dance in the Alder Grove (mk22) Moritz von Schwind Fairy Dance in the Alder Grove (mk22) c 1844 Oil on wood panel,62.8 x 84 cm Frankfutr am Main.Stadelsches Kunstinstitut und Stadtische Galerie
43850 Farewell at Dawn Moritz von Schwind Farewell at Dawn 1859 Oil on cardboard, 36 x 24 cm
40721 Honeymoon Moritz von Schwind Honeymoon mk156 1867 Oil on wood 52x41cm
62455 Landscape with Wanderer Moritz von Schwind Landscape with Wanderer 1835 Brown pen on yellowish paper, 428 x 271 mm Albertina, Vienna The landscapes of Schwind are poetic and fairytale-like creations. Below a mountain bridge with a view of a distant, hilly landscape a man can be seen sunk in contemplation; the back of the wanderer with a harp slung over his shoulder also has a nostalgic effect. Author: SCHWIND, Moritz von Title: Landscape with Wanderer Form: graphics , 1801-1850 , Austrian , landscape
56246 the morning hour Moritz von Schwind the morning hour mk247 1858,oil on canvas,13.375x15.75 in,34x40 cm,schack galerie,munich,germany
38589 The Rose,or The Artist-s Journey Moritz von Schwind The Rose,or The Artist-s Journey mk138 1846/47 Oil on canvas 216x134cm

Moritz von Schwind
Austrian Romantic Painter, 1804-1871 Austrian painter and illustrator. He studied at the Akademie der Bildende K?nste in Vienna (1821-3), where he was influenced by the Biedermeier genre painter Peter Krafft and the Nazarene painter Ludwig Ferdinand Schnorr von Carolsfeld. He made copies after the Old Masters at the Belvedere in Vienna, exploring especially D?rer, Albrecht Altdorfer, Raphael and Titian, which completed his early, largely autodidactic experience of art. His friendship with Franz Schubert, the poet and playwright Franz Grillparzer and the painters Ferdinand and Friedrich Olivier, as well as the cultural environment of Biedermeier Vienna in his years there between 1823 and 1828, shaped his spiritual development as a painter. His love of music inspired his later 'symphonic' compositions and flowing linear rhythms. Extensive reading of the work of Romantic writers such as Achim von Arnim, Clemens von Brentano, Ludwig Tieck, Friedrich Heinrich von Hagen and the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm helped prepare his mature pictorial themes of fairytales, legends and sagas. He was unsuccessful as a painter and eked out a meagre livelihood by drawing naturalistic genre scenes for engravers, while occasionally selling a painting. Walk before the City Gate
Sandro Botticelli
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