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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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44925 Landscape in Ferch at the Schwielowses Karl Hagemeister Landscape in Ferch at the Schwielowses mk184 um1905 oil on Lwd 117x180.5cm Bez. u. r K Hagemeister
97964 Makische Landschaft Karl Hagemeister Makische Landschaft 1880(1880) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 80.5 x 120.5 cm cyf
97880 Waldsteg am Schwielowsee Karl Hagemeister Waldsteg am Schwielowsee 1880(1880) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 44.5 x 76 cm cyf

Karl Hagemeister
German, 1848-1933,German painter. He studied from 1871 at the Kunstschule in Weimar under Friedrich Preller, who introduced him to the principles of classical landscape painting. In 1873 he began to develop a more modern approach when he met Carl Schuch at the Hintersee, near Berchtesgaden; he immediately became his pupil and later wrote Schuch's biography. Schuch introduced Hagemeister to the Leibl circle (see LEIBL, WILHELM). He travelled to the Netherlands and Belgium (1873-4), Italy (1876) and France (1884-5), often accompanying Schuch and, in the early journeys, Wilhelm Trebner. His approach to landscape changed from classical Naturalism to 'pure painting', a more formalist approach in which purely pictorial qualities were given priority over naturalistic representation, as in Lake Shore (c. 1900; Schweinfurt, Samml. Schefer). His brushwork became broader, his depiction of objects became increasingly summary, and his colours lighter and cooler. Absorbing the influence of Japanese art through the interpretations of the French Impressionists, and following trends in international Art Nouveau, Hagemeister developed an individual variant of Jugendstil. His pictures were composed in accordance with decorative rather than naturalistic principles and became primarily ornamental, as in White Poppy
Sandro Botticelli
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