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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
89164 Glacier of Rosenlaui John Brett Glacier of Rosenlaui 1856(1856) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 445 cm (175.2 in). Width: 419 cm (165 in). cjr
25291 Off Old Harry's Rock (mk37) John Brett Off Old Harry's Rock (mk37) Oil on canvas 15 1/2x30 1/2in
79686 Stonebreake John Brett Stonebreake oil on canvas, 51.3 x 68.5 cm Date 1857-1858 cyf
79313 Stonebreaker John Brett Stonebreaker oil on canvas, 51.3 x 68.5 cm Date 1857-1858 cyf
80814 Stonebreaker John Brett Stonebreaker 1857-1858 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 51.3 x 68.5 cm (20.2 x 27 in) cyf
92383 Val d'Aosta John Brett Val d'Aosta Date 1858(1858) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 87,6 x 68 cm TTD
26015 View at Great Yarmouth (mk46) John Brett View at Great Yarmouth (mk46) 1868 Watercolour 31.8x47cm

John Brett
Sandro Botticelli
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