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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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49267 Marching in the Rain After Gettysburg Forbes, Edwin Marching in the Rain After Gettysburg mk195 Oil on canvas 13x29
49247 Mess Boy Asleep Forbes, Edwin Mess Boy Asleep mk195 1867 Oil on canvas 14x20
49282 Union Forces,2nd Bull Run,Retreat of the Army of the Rappahannock August 28 Forbes, Edwin Union Forces,2nd Bull Run,Retreat of the Army of the Rappahannock August 28 mk195 1862 Pencil and Wash 5x14

Forbes, Edwin
1839-1895 ,was an American landscape painter and etcher who first gained fame during the American Civil War for his detailed and dramatic sketches of military subjects, including battlefield combat scenes. Forbes was born in New York, studied under A. F. Tait, and began as an animal and landscape painter. During the Civil War, he was special artist for Frank Leslie Magazine. Many of the spirited etchings he drew during the conflict were later presented by General Sherman to the government. They are now preserved in the War Office at Washington because of their historic value. After the war, Forbes painted landscape and cattle scenes, among which are Orange County Pasture (1879) and Evening??Sheep Pasture (1881). In 1877 he was made an honorary member of the London Etching Club. He died in 1895 in Brooklyn and is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery.
Sandro Botticelli
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