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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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75346 Braunschweig Domenico Quaglio Braunschweig Braunschweig: Altstadtmarkt mit Altstadtrathaus, Marienbrunnen, Martini-Kirche und Stechinelli-Haus im Jahre 1834. Ölgemälde auf Leinwand von Domenico Quaglio. Braunschweig, Germany: Old Town market square with Old Town town hall, St. Maryes Fountain, St. Maryes Church and Stechinelli House in 1834. Oil painting on canvas by Domenico Quaglio. cyf
73281 Domenico Quaglio Braunschweig Altstadtmarkt 1834 Domenico Quaglio Domenico Quaglio Braunschweig Altstadtmarkt 1834 Domenico Quaglio Braunschweig Altstadtmarkt 1834 cjr
89892 The Residenzstrabe in front of the Max-Joseph-Platz in the year 1826 Domenico Quaglio The Residenzstrabe in front of the Max-Joseph-Platz in the year 1826 1826(1826) Source English: Photo of artwork cjr

Domenico Quaglio
(1787-1837) was a German painter, engraver, stage designer, and architect. He was the second son of Giuseppe Quaglio and part of the large Quaglio pedigree of Italian artists involved in architecture, indoor fresco decoration, and scenography for the court theaters. He known as a landscape and architectural painter/decorator, including quadratura. He was born in Munich. He was taught perspective and scene-painting by his father, and engraving by Mettenleiter and Karl Hess. In 1819 he resigned his post as scene-painter, and occupied himself only with architecture, for which he obtained subjects in the Netherlands, Italy, France, and England. As architect in charge, Domenico Quaglio was responsible for the neogothic style of the exterior design of Hohenschwangau Castle, summer and hunting residence of King Maximilian II of Bavaria, son of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and father of King Ludwig II. Quaglio died at Hohenschwangau in 1837.
Sandro Botticelli
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