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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
43989 Cefalu Carl Rottmann Cefalu 1830 Oil on canvas, 63 x 79 cm
90251 Die Insel Delos Carl Rottmann Die Insel Delos 1847(1847) Medium oil on paperboard Dimensions 35,5 x 45,5 cm cjr
88690 Inntal bei Neubeuern Carl Rottmann Inntal bei Neubeuern 1823(1823) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 32 x 46 cm (12.6 x 18.1 in) cjr
96686 Landscape on the island of Aegina Carl Rottmann Landscape on the island of Aegina Oil on canvas Dimensions 57 x 57 cm cyf
43869 Marathon Carl Rottmann Marathon 157 x 200 cm
97847 Ruin of a chapel near a river with rising moon Carl Rottmann Ruin of a chapel near a river with rising moon 1820(1820) Medium oil on canvas mounted on panel Dimensions 36 x 44 cm cyf
33906 Sicyon and Corinth Carl Rottmann Sicyon and Corinth mk87 c.1836-1838 Oil on canvas 85.2x102cm Munich,Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlungen,Neue Pinakothek
40681 Sicyon and Corinth Carl Rottmann Sicyon and Corinth mk156 c.1836-1838 Oil on canvas 85.2x102cm
38584 The Battlefield of Marathon Carl Rottmann The Battlefield of Marathon mk137 c.1849 Oil on canvas 91x90.5cm

Carl Rottmann
German,1797-1850 was a German landscape painter and the most famous member of the Rottmann family of painters. Rottmann belonged to the circle of artists around the Ludwig I of Bavaria, who commissioned large landscape paintings exclusively from him. He is best known for mythical and heroising landscapes. The landscape painter Karl Lindemann-Frommel belonged to his school. Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann was born in Handschuhsheim (today a part of Heidelberg) on January 11, 1797. There he received his first drawing lessons from his father, Friedrich Rottmann, who taught drawing at the university in Heidelberg. In his first artistic period he painted atmospheric phenomena. In 1821 he moved to Munich, where his second period began, and in 1824 he married Friedericke, the daughter of his uncle, Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, who served as an attendant at court. This connection cleared the way for an acquaintance with King Ludwig, who in 1826-27 sponsored his travels in Italy in order to widen his repertoire, which up to that point consisted solely of domestic, German, landscapes. Upon his return he received from King Ludwig I a commission for a monumental cycle of Italian landscapes in the arcade of the Munich Hofgarten. The cycle, completed in 1833 in fresco, gave visual expression to Ludwiges alliance with Italy, and raised the genre of landscape painting to the height of history painting, the preferred mode of the Kinges other great commissions for monumental painting.
Sandro Botticelli
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