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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
5433 A Boor Asleep BROUWER, Adriaen A Boor Asleep Oil on wood, 37 x 28 cm Wallace Collection, London
5435 Brawling Peasants BROUWER, Adriaen Brawling Peasants Oak, 26,5 x 34,5 cm Gemäldegalerie, Dresden
88364 Brouwer BROUWER, Adriaen Brouwer 1637(1637) Medium Oil on wood cyf
73761 Card Players BROUWER, Adriaen Card Players Medium oil on wood Dimensions 25 X 39 cm (9.84 X 15.35 in) cyf
35351 Card players quarrelling BROUWER, Adriaen Card players quarrelling mk101 Oil on panel 31.1x49.4cm
88461 Dune Landscape BROUWER, Adriaen Dune Landscape between 1635(1635) and 1637(1637) Medium Oil on oak cyf
5441 In the Tavern fd BROUWER, Adriaen In the Tavern fd Oil on wood, 36 x 27 cm Alte Pinakothek, Munich
88366 Interior of a Smoking Room BROUWER, Adriaen Interior of a Smoking Room between 1630(1630) and 1632(1632) Medium Oil on wood cyf
68979 Mondlandschaft BROUWER, Adriaen Mondlandschaft Dimensions Deutsch: 25 X 34 cm Current location Deutsch: Gemäldegalerie
5437 Peasants Fighting f BROUWER, Adriaen Peasants Fighting f 1631-35 Oil on wood, 33 x 49 cm Alte Pinakothek, Munich
33702 Peasants Smoking and Drinking BROUWER, Adriaen Peasants Smoking and Drinking mk86 c.1635 Oil on panel 35x26cm Munich,Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlum-gen, Alte Pinakothek
21735 Peasants Smoking and Drinking (mk08) BROUWER, Adriaen Peasants Smoking and Drinking (mk08) c.1635 Oil on panel, 35x26cm Munich,Bayerisch Staatsgemlaesammlun-gen,Alte Pinakothek
5442 Peasants Smoking and Drinking f BROUWER, Adriaen Peasants Smoking and Drinking f c. 1635 Oil on panel, 35 x 26 cm Alte Pinakothek, Munich
41029 Scene in a Tavern BROUWER, Adriaen Scene in a Tavern mk159 c.1632 Oil on panel 25x33.5cm
5439 Seated Drinkers cf BROUWER, Adriaen Seated Drinkers cf Oil on oak, 25,5 x 21 cm Mus??es Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
5440 Smoking Men ff BROUWER, Adriaen Smoking Men ff c. 1637 Oil on wood, 46 x 36,5 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
33701 The 0peration BROUWER, Adriaen The 0peration mk86 undated Oil on panel 31.4x39.6cm Munich,Bayerische Staatgemalde-sammlungen,Alte Pinakothek
5434 The Bitter Draught d BROUWER, Adriaen The Bitter Draught d c. 1635 Oil on wood Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt
5436 The Card Players fd BROUWER, Adriaen The Card Players fd Oil on panel, 25 x 39 cm Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp
40443 The Operation BROUWER, Adriaen The Operation mk156 1631 Oil on panel 31.4x39.6cm
21733 The Operation (mk08) BROUWER, Adriaen The Operation (mk08) Oil on panel 34.1x39.6cm Munich,Bayerische Staatsgemalde-sammlungen,Alte Pinakothek
5438 The Operation fdg BROUWER, Adriaen The Operation fdg Oil on panel, 31,4 x 39,6 cm Alte Pinakothek, Munich
88365 Twilight Landscape BROUWER, Adriaen Twilight Landscape between 1633(1633) and 1637(1637) Medium Oil on wood cyf

BROUWER, Adriaen
Flemish Baroque Era Painter, ca.1605-1638 Adriaen Brouwer (1605, Oudenaarde - January 1638, Antwerp) was a Flemish genre painter active in Flanders and the Dutch Republic in the seventeenth century. At a young age Brouwer, probably born as Adriaen de Brauwer, moved perhaps via Antwerp to Haarlem, where he became a student of Frans Hals alongside Adriaen van Ostade. He also was active in stage acting and poetry. He stayed in Haarlem and Amsterdam until 1631, when he moved back to Antwerp in the Spanish Netherlands. There, he became a member of the Guild of St. Luke in 1631 ?C 1632, as well as the rhetoricians's chamber De Violieren. Tradition has it that Brouwer himself spent much time in the alehouses of Flanders and Holland. His works are typically detailed and small, and often adopt themes of debauchery, drunkenness and foolishness in order to explore human emotions, expressions and responses to pain, fear and the senses. The Bitter Tonic (illustrated right) is an example of the type of work that depicts such responses, in this case the sense of taste. His work was well liked, to the point that forgeries were sold in his own time. Both Rubens and Rembrandt owned a number of his works. Nevertheless, Brouwer appeared in financial trouble throughout his life. He died at the early age of 32 in Antwerp, where he was first buried in a common grave, but, upon instigation of the members of the guild, was reburied on Feb 1, 1638 in the church of the Carmelites.
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