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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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Here are all the paintings of Anders Zorn 03

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
65824 kyrkfard Anders Zorn kyrkfard 1889 se
65766 landakapsstudie fran richmond Anders Zorn landakapsstudie fran richmond 1882 se
95386 Landscape Study Anders Zorn Landscape Study Country of Origin: Sweden ttd
73639 Lasande Anders Zorn Lasande Anders Zorn - Emma Zorn, Lasande cyf
65804 le tub Anders Zorn le tub 1888 akvarell 78x48 se
65813 les baigneuses Anders Zorn les baigneuses 1889 olja pa solfjader se
80608 Les baigneuses Anders Zorn Les baigneuses Date 1889(1889) Medium Oil Dimensions 71,5 x 37,5 cm cjr
84787 Les baigneuses Anders Zorn Les baigneuses 1889(1889) Medium Oil Dimensions 71,5 x 37,5 cm cyf
31471 Les baigneuses, study Anders Zorn Les baigneuses, study mk73 1889 Oil on canvas, mounted on a fan, 71,5 x 37,5 cm
31456 Les Demoiselles Schwartz Anders Zorn Les Demoiselles Schwartz mk73 watercolour 1889, 101 x 68 cm
65811 les demoiselles schwartz Anders Zorn les demoiselles schwartz 1889 olja pa duk 101x68 se
85281 Les demoiselles Schwartz Anders Zorn Les demoiselles Schwartz 1889(1889) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 101 x 68 cm (39.8 x 26.8 in) cyf
58502 lilla bryggeriet Anders Zorn lilla bryggeriet mk262 etsning.14 x 10 cm. 1890
61654 Lilla bryggeriet, Anders Zorn Lilla bryggeriet, Lilla bryggeriet, 1890
95387 Loftsangen Anders Zorn Loftsangen Country of Origin: Sweden TTD
95388 Madame Clara Rikoff Anders Zorn Madame Clara Rikoff Madame Clara Rikoff) 1889, oil, 201 x 133 cm TTD
31457 Mademoiselle Antoinette May Anders Zorn Mademoiselle Antoinette May mk73 1890, watercolor, 100 x 67.5 cm
31591 Madonna Anders Zorn Madonna mk73 1900 pencil drawing
58564 madonna Anders Zorn madonna mk262 olja 1899 konstmuseet, budapest
65798 malarinnan alice miller Anders Zorn malarinnan alice miller 1887 olja pa duk 44.8x60 se
58623 mamma Anders Zorn mamma mk262 olja 82 x 107 cm1898 zornmuseet mora
65777 mandolinspelerskan Anders Zorn mandolinspelerskan 1884 akvarell, 27.2x14 se
65881 marcus wallenberg Anders Zorn marcus wallenberg 1914 olja pa duk. 100x80 se
48952 Margin Anders Zorn Margin mk187 1891 Oil slick pa screen 78x63.7cm
31529 Margit Anders Zorn Margit mk73 oil 1891.
65831 margit Anders Zorn margit 1891 olja pa duk, 78x63.7 se
31494 Martha  Liebermann Anders Zorn Martha Liebermann mk73 1896, oil, 72.3 x 61.2 cm
65875 mastersmed Anders Zorn mastersmed 1907 olja pa duk 120x89 se
58534 mastersmeden Anders Zorn mastersmeden mk262 olja 67 x 70 cm 1907 privat ago
58535 mastersmeden Anders Zorn mastersmeden mk262 etsning. 14.9 x 19.8 cm 1907
31486 Max Liebermann Anders Zorn Max Liebermann mk73 1891, oil, 72.7 x 59.9 cm
58493 med sin mamma Anders Zorn med sin mamma mk262 olka. 36 x 60 cm. 1888 fenway court, boston
58647 midnatt Anders Zorn midnatt mk 262 olaj 102.5 x 69 cm 1891 zornmuseet mora
65832 midnatt Anders Zorn midnatt 1891, olja pa duk, 69x103 se
31479 Midnight Anders Zorn Midnight mk73 1891, Oil on canvas 69 x 102,8 cm
48953 Midnight Anders Zorn Midnight mk187 1891 Oil slick pa screen 69x103cm
65871 midsommardans Anders Zorn midsommardans 1903 olja pa duk 117.5x90 se
58656 midsommarnattsdans Anders Zorn midsommarnattsdans mk262 olja 98 x 140 cm 1896 nationalmuseuseum stockholm
31499 Midsummer dance Anders Zorn Midsummer dance mk73 1897, Oil on canvas
23181 Midsummer Dance (nn02) Anders Zorn Midsummer Dance (nn02) 1897 Oil on canvas, 55 1/8 x 28 5/8''.Nationalmuseum,Stockholm
61659 Midsummer Dance, Anders Zorn Midsummer Dance, Midsummer Dance, 1897
58669 min emma Anders Zorn min emma mk262 trarelief, omkr 1881 hojd 3 cm zorngaarden mora
58606 min far Anders Zorn min far mk262 kolteckning 22.4 x 29.7 cm 1877 zornmuseet,mora
58691 min hand Anders Zorn min hand mk262 blyertseckning 19.8 x 25.3 cm 1915 zornmuseet mora
65775 miss law Anders Zorn miss law 1885. akvarell. 35.3x25.1 se
58709 mitt ajalvportatt med inskription Anders Zorn mitt ajalvportatt med inskription mk262 etsning 12 x 15.7 cm 1904
58593 modell framfor tavla Anders Zorn modell framfor tavla mk262 etning 14.9 x 19.7 cm 1910
65755 modellstudie Anders Zorn modellstudie 1880. akvarell 37x28 se
65763 modersstolthet Anders Zorn modersstolthet 1882 akvarell, 65x48.8 se
31501 Mona Anders Zorn Mona mk73 1898, oil, 108 x 82 cm
65751 mona Anders Zorn mona 1898. olja pa duk, 108x82 se
65833 mona Anders Zorn mona 1889-90 se
80890 Mona Anders Zorn Mona Date 1898(1898) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 108 x 82 cm (42.5 x 32.3 in) cjr
85018 Mona Anders Zorn Mona 1898(1898) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 108 x 82 cm (42.5 x 32.3 in) cyf
85097 Mona Anders Zorn Mona 1898(1898) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 108 x 82 cm (42.5 x 32.3 in) cyf
31586 Mona. Anders Zorn Mona. mk73 1911 pencil drawing 24.8x17.7cm
65814 mor och barn Anders Zorn mor och barn 1888 se
65815 mor och barn Anders Zorn mor och barn 1888 se
65816 mor och barn Anders Zorn mor och barn 1888 se
31485 Mora marknad Anders Zorn Mora marknad mk73 1892 , oil, 133 x 167.5 cm
65835 mora marknad Anders Zorn mora marknad 1892 olja pa duk, 133x167.5 se
65836 mora marknad Anders Zorn mora marknad 1890 akvarell, 22.7x31.7 se
58685 morgonbad Anders Zorn morgonbad mk262 fontanskulptur brons hojd 1100 cm konstakademin stockhilm
58674 mormor Anders Zorn mormor mk262 bjorktra hojd 16 cm 1889 zornmuseet mora
65750 mormor Anders Zorn mormor 1883 se
58526 mormor gor vidjegrimmor Anders Zorn mormor gor vidjegrimmor mk262 olja 63.5 x 79 cm .1892 goteborgs konstmuseum
61660 Mr Henry Clay Pierce, Anders Zorn Mr Henry Clay Pierce, Mr Henry Clay Pierce, 1899
65845 mr ogden Anders Zorn mr ogden 1895, olja pa duk, 97x60 se
65839 mrs  potter palmer Anders Zorn mrs potter palmer 1893 olja pa duk 25.8x141.2 se
31498 Mrs Bacon Anders Zorn Mrs Bacon mk73 1897, oil, 171 x 108 cm
31505 Mrs Frances Cleveland Anders Zorn Mrs Frances Cleveland mk73 1899, oil, 157.2 x 92.2 cm
65851 mrs frances cleveland Anders Zorn mrs frances cleveland 1899 olja pa duk 157.2x92.2 se
65852 mrs j donald cameron Anders Zorn mrs j donald cameron 1900 olja pa duk, 147.5x113.5 se
31488 Mrs Potter Palmer Anders Zorn Mrs Potter Palmer mk73 258x141.2cm Oil painting 1893
65808 mrs symons Anders Zorn mrs symons 1888-1889 olja pa duk 124x98 se
65854 mrs thompson seton Anders Zorn mrs thompson seton 1901 olja pa duk 109x69 se
65850 mrs walter bacon Anders Zorn mrs walter bacon 1891 olja pa duk 43.5x38 se
31569 Mrs. Potter Palmer Anders Zorn Mrs. Potter Palmer mk73 1896, pencil drawing
51795 Mrs.Henry Clay Pierce Anders Zorn Mrs.Henry Clay Pierce mk221 1899 Oil on canvas 152.4x106.7cm
56366 rathbone bacon Anders Zorn rathbone bacon mk247 1897,oil on canvas,67.25x42.5 in,171x108 cm,metropolitan museum of art,new york,ny,usa
65819 naken under en gran Anders Zorn naken under en gran 1892 olja pa duk 100x78 se
65876 nakenstudie Anders Zorn nakenstudie 1910 olja pa duk 24.5x31 se
64743 nakna kvinnokroppen Anders Zorn nakna kvinnokroppen 1891-92 se
31495 Natteffekt Anders Zorn Natteffekt mk73 1895, oil, 161 x 106 cm
65846 natteffekt Anders Zorn natteffekt 1895 olja pa duk 161x106 se
58648 natteffekt I Anders Zorn natteffekt I mk262 akvarell 16 x 24.5 cm 1892 zornmuseet mora
58649 natteffekt II Anders Zorn natteffekt II olja 60 x 73 cm 1895 zornmuseet mora
58650 natteffekt II Anders Zorn natteffekt II mk262 olja 32 x 46.5 cm 1895 waldemarsudde stockholm
58651 natteffekt II Anders Zorn natteffekt II mk262 olja 33.5 x 48 cm 1895 gotedorgs konssrmuseum
84311 Nude in Fire Light Anders Zorn Nude in Fire Light 1904(1904) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 57.5 x 38.5 cm (22.6 x 15.2 in) cyf
65753 nystrand Anders Zorn nystrand 1878 se
78571 Ols Maria Anders Zorn Ols Maria Ols Maria. (66 x49.5 cm). Oil on canvas 1918(1918) cjr
61670 Ols Maria, Anders Zorn Ols Maria, Ols Maria, 1918
81775 Ols Maria. Anders Zorn Ols Maria. Oil on canvas Date 1918(1918) cyf
61657 Omnibus I, Anders Zorn Omnibus I, Omnibus I, 1892 or 1895
65756 orsakulla i ragaker Anders Zorn orsakulla i ragaker 1878 akvarell, 30x21 se
65849 oscar Anders Zorn oscar 1898 olja pa duk 119x93 se
31504 Oscar II Anders Zorn Oscar II mk73 1898, oil, 119 x 93 cm
82165 Oscar II Anders Zorn Oscar II Date 1898(1898) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 119 x 93 cjr
85942 Oscar II Anders Zorn Oscar II 1898(1898) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 119 x 93 cyf

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Anders Zorn
Swedish 1860-1920 Swedish painter, etcher and sculptor. He was brought up by his grandparents at Mora. As he displayed a precocious talent for drawing he was admitted to the preparatory class of the Kungliga Akademi for de Fria Konsterna, Stockholm, at the age of 15. Dissatisfied with the outdated teaching and discipline of the Academy and encouraged by his early success as a painter of watercolour portraits and genre scenes (e.g. Old Woman from Mora, 1879; Mora, Zornmus.) Zorn left the Academy in 1881 to try to establish an international career. He later resided mainly in London but also travelled extensively in Italy, France, Spain, Algeria and the Balkans and visited Constantinople. However, he continued to spend most of his summers in Sweden.
Sandro Botticelli
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