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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
31001 Acteon metamorphose en cerf Albani Francesco Acteon metamorphose en cerf mk70 Toile H.0.77 L.0.99 Paris,Muse du Louvre
30550 Allegory of Water,from The Four Elements Albani Francesco Allegory of Water,from The Four Elements mk68 Oil on wood, Turin,Sabauda Gallery 1625-1628 Italy
29942 Cupids'Dance Albani Francesco Cupids'Dance mk67 Oil on canvas 12 1/2x16 3/16in Uffizi,Gallery
32576 Diana and Actaeon Albani Francesco Diana and Actaeon mk79 1625-30 oil on wood
32564 Recreation by our Gallery Albani Francesco Recreation by our Gallery mk79
33578 Sacra Famiglia Albani Francesco Sacra Famiglia mk86 c.1630-1635 Oil on canvas 57x43cm Florence,Galleria Pitti
29943 The Rape of Europa Albani Francesco The Rape of Europa mk67 Oil on canvas 30x38 3/16in Uffizi,Gallery
28649 The Toilett of Venus Albani Francesco The Toilett of Venus mk61 c.1625 Oil on canvas 114x171cm

Albani Francesco
Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1578-1660 Italian painter and draughtsman. He was a distinguished artist of the Bolognese school, deeply influenced by Annibale Carracci's classicism, who worked in Rome as well as Bologna, painting altarpieces, frescoes and and cabinet pictures. His fame rests on his idyllic landscapes and small mythological pictures,
Sandro Botticelli
All the Sandro Botticelli's Oil Paintings

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