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c. 1445 – May 17, 1510. Italian painter.

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82742 A scene on the ice AVERCAMP, Hendrick A scene on the ice ca. 1610-1620 (1600-1634) Medium Oil on panel Dimensions 18.5 x 36 cm (7.3 x 14.2 in) cyf
4873 A Scene on the Ice near a Town  f AVERCAMP, Hendrick A Scene on the Ice near a Town f Oil on canvas National Gallery, London
4874 A Scene on the Ice near a Town fg AVERCAMP, Hendrick A Scene on the Ice near a Town fg c. 1615 Oil on wood, 58 x 89,8 cm National Gallery, London
4875 A Scene on the Ice vf AVERCAMP, Hendrick A Scene on the Ice vf Watercolor, 190 x 310 mm Teylers Museum, Haarlem
44025 Fishermen by Moonlight AVERCAMP, Hendrick Fishermen by Moonlight 1620s Pen and brush, 144 x 195 mm
4870 Ice Landscape  h4 AVERCAMP, Hendrick Ice Landscape h4 Oil on canvas Staatliches Museum, Schwerin
32230 Ice Scene AVERCAMP, Hendrick Ice Scene Oil on canvas
4871 Ice Scene  fff AVERCAMP, Hendrick Ice Scene fff Oil on canvas Mauritshuis, The Hague
64189 River Landscape AVERCAMP, Hendrick River Landscape Pen drawing and watercolour on paper, 184 x 284 mm Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels After an apprenticeship in Amsterdam with portrait and historical painter Pieter Isaacsz., Hendrick Avercamp began to specialise in painting winter landscapes. In composing these he drew on a large supply of sketches of individual figures drawn from life. These rapid sketches of people going about their daily activities and pastimes on the ice or in the open field also served for composing, back in the studio, more developed, coloured drawings such as this River Landscape. His lively pen, the bright colour contrasts and the spatial continuity between the foreground and middle ground provide this scene with a freshness characteristic of the innovative middle period of Avercamp's career. The drawing attracts us with its narrative and realistic style. It is also very ingeniously structured, as can be seen in the skilful positioning of the man on the shore in the left-hand foreground, and in the lively interaction between the wind-swelled sails of the smaller and larger ships. The fishermen look on motionless, revealing the sober, at times humorous but never mocking eye that Avercamp casts on his surroundings. The contours of the figures are drawn in pen and the intervening space is carefully filled in with water colour and bodycolour. Avercamp probably borrowed the use of aquarelle and gouache from Jan Brueghel the Elder and the Flemish emigrants living in Amsterdam, such as Hans Bol, Jacob Savery and David Vinckboons, whose works he had got to know during his apprenticeship with Pieter Isaacsz. Avercamp was one of the first Dutch draughtsmen who in the early 17th century developed this aquarelle technique specifically as a separate, independent art form. His pen drawings, illuminated with water colours, were so carefully finished and richly detailed that they were highly sought after by connoisseurs and art lovers. Indeed some were not, as was customary, kept in albums, but glued to panels and framed, and hung as a cheap alternative to paintings. Avercamp directed his efforts not only at the local art market in and around Kampen, but also and in particular at that of Amsterdam, where, according to contemporary documents, he was held in high renown. , Artist: AVERCAMP, Hendrick , River Landscape , 1601-1650 , Dutch , graphics , landscape
4872 River Landscape ff AVERCAMP, Hendrick River Landscape ff Pen drawing and watercolour on paper, 184 x 284 mm Mus??es Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
4877 Skaters   bggbb AVERCAMP, Hendrick Skaters bggbb Oil on wood, 24 x 38 cm Pushkin Museum, Moscow
4876 Winter bvvbv AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter bvvbv Oil on canvas Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
4878 Winter Landscape  fff AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter Landscape fff Oil on panel Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
4879 Winter Landscape  ggg AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter Landscape ggg Oil on canvas Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Milan
4881 Winter Landscape  jko5 AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter Landscape jko5 1605-10 Oil on oak, 25 x 34 cm Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne
4883 Winter Landscape with Skaters  fff AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter Landscape with Skaters fff Oil on wood, diameter: 30,5 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
21715 Winter Scene at Yseleuiden (mk08) AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter Scene at Yseleuiden (mk08) c.1613 Oil on panel, 47x73cm Geneva,Musee d'Art et d'Histoire
4882 Winter Scene at Yselmuiden  hhh AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter Scene at Yselmuiden hhh c. 1613 Oil on panel, 47 x 73 cm Mus??e d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva
4880 Winter Scene on a Canal  ggg AVERCAMP, Hendrick Winter Scene on a Canal ggg Oil on wood Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

AVERCAMP, Hendrick
Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1585-1634 1634). He was the first artist in the northern Netherlands to paint winter landscapes. Before him only a few Flemish artists, among them Pieter Bruegel I and his sons, and Jacob Grimmer, had made winter scenery the main subject of their work. Avercamp created a new genre of Dutch painting by combining the panoramic scope, bright colours and high vantage point of these Flemish models with an emphasis on anecdotal detail.
Sandro Botticelli
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